Low Poly Flying Car Set 1


Buy the collection online at TurboSquid.com

This is a collection of 14 styles of Flying Vehicles, with varying levels of polygon counts, for a total of 27 individual flying vehicle models, perfect for futuristic, science fiction, or fantasy artwork, matte painting, animations, movies, games, etc.

The windows and lights of these vehicles use Raytrace materials, allowing you the option of turning on reflections and transparency.

Make sure you read the included Read Me file before using these models, but to quickly sum it up, you may use these models in any personal or commercial work, with the only limit being you may not redistribute the models. But beyond that, feel free to use them to create whatever you want!

The included Read Me file also provides helpful instructions on extracting and using the models. (The entire collection is in WinRAR format at 1.67 mb, which expands to 10.8 mb.)

Check out the Wallpaper Catalog image I've provided as a 'Preview' below to see all the included models.

Give your sci-fi scenes and games the appearance of population and activity with these flying vehicles. Have fun creating and drop me a line sometime to show me what you've made with these, or to give me ideas for future flying vehicle models! :)


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