Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting me with any inquiries (I apologize but I've been so busy with life lately that it may take some time to reply to email), please read over these Frequently Asked Questions and my responses. Please note: My responses on this page supersede anything written on any other page, or in any other disclosure provided in or with my artwork or digital content. These responses can change at anytime, but will likely not change that often.

Thank You All for your interest in my artwork!

May I display your artwork (images) on my website?
Yes you may, if you link to my website from your website. You can link to JasonsArt.com, or any specific page within this website, or to my sales page at TurboSquid if you're displaying artwork I created to promote my 3D models. The link does not necessarily have to be displayed near the image, it can even be in your Links page, but there does need to be a link somewhere on your site to mine. (If you use my art as your forum avatar, you don't have to link to me, but if someone asks about it please provide them my website.)

May I display your artwork (images) on the cover or in the content of my book, magazine, or other print material?
Yes you may, as long as proper credit is given. If used on the cover of a book or magazine, inside the book or magazine please credit the origin of the cover image. If used on a page within a book or magazine, please list along side the image the origin of the image. If you'd like to use an image on other print material, such as a card, pamphlet, brochure, logo, display, CD cover, stationery, clothing, dishes, or other items, you can either credit somewhere on that item the origin of the image, OR you can simply link to this website from somewhere on your website. This helps keep your print material clean and stylish, but still helps support the artist.

For any of these items above, to give the "proper credit," you should at least list JasonsArt.com. You can optionally include any of these along with it (use whatever looks best with your print material): Jason Christiansen, art by, artwork by, image by, or any others that make sense within your material and provide clear reference.

May I use your artwork (images, 3D models, photography, textures, etc.) in my movie, TV show, commercial, video game, or other visual media?
Yes you may (this is why I created it), if when possible and reasonable you give credit to me: Jason Christiansen, or my website: JasonsArt.com; OR you authorize me to reference that visual media for promotion of my artwork.
Now, I'm an artist and I understand when it's not reasonable or feasible to list every contributor for the tools used in your art. I mean what painter publishes the list of who sold them every paintbrush used to make every painting? So the deal is simple:

If you use my art or resources in your movie, TV show, commercial, video game, or professional art, let me know about it and see that work so I can use it on my site or in other promotional material as a "As seen in..." kind of promotion. (Artists typically provide me with the image they created, or at least one still image from their video work containing an item they used, so I can display it if I choose.)

Please note: Before you can use my 3D models in any such way you do need to purchase them legitimately or have received them directly from me (gift, trade, etc.). But once you've done this, you're free to use them in any visual media, personal or commercial. The items on this site that are free to use however you want without paying (such as the Free textures) are specified to be this way on those items' pages.

What software do you use?
3D Modeling: 3ds Max
3D Scenery: Vue, World Machine, MojoWorld
3D Characters: Poser and 3ds Max, with content from DAZ3D
Digital Painting/Image Editing: Photoshop
Concept Development: Photoshop, Autodesk SketchBook (mobile), Corel Painter Mobile.
Fractals: Fractal Flame (although I also recommend Ultra Fractal)

Are you available to create artwork for me/my project for free/pay?
At this time I am currently taking my artwork, and my career, in a different direction, so I am unavailable for this kind of request. I do, however, appreciate you taking this level of interest in my artwork!