This is an old solar system transformation concept based on using advanced future technologies to rearrange the solar system in a way that spreads life everywhere possible, and protects that life for indefinite survival. It includes:
Terraforming Mars
Moving Venus beyond Earth to cool it and terraform it
Giving Venus and Mars a moon that generates tectonic activity for a permanent water cycle and to help maintain axial tilt stabilization
Making Europa Venus' moon in order to also warm Europa's oceans to allow it's native life, if there is any, to flourish
Constructing orbital starbases at Earth, Venus, and Mars
Constructing a communications array for the spacefaring civilization
Placing solar maintenance machines in orbit around the Sun in order to permanently maintain the Sun's size and brightness
And constructing defense rings and grids to protect the Solar System from comets, asteroids, and other problems.

I now have a newer, much more developed concept, but it hasn't yet been released to the public. But I felt this Solar Biorealm concept is still a fun idea to ponder, and maybe even inspire some science fiction stories. :)